Find a new way

Take action

Walk or cycle to your workplace or school – for longer distances take a train, a shared ride or rent an electric car. Share this challenge with somebody who is used to driving everyday.

Why it's important

We have to redefine our needs and see if we can replace ”dirty” transportation modes with clean or at least cleaner modes. We need, to some extent, safe transportation with fewer emissions, less occupation of space (roads, parking), etc. And maybe sometimes we can even avoid motorized transportation altogether, since it is the simplest way to improve our own carbon footprint.

Photo by EcologyOttawa

Globally, the transport sector is responsible for 22% of GHG emissions. And if we see what transport modes are contributing the most, road transport is responsible for 3/4 of energy consumption and emissions.

In urban areas non-motorized modes and public transport are not only the most environmentally friendly, but can also compete with motorized modes (car, motorbike) in terms of being economical and reducing travel-time.

You did it. Now what?

Bask in the glory of good energy and then...