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Change your energy supplier to one who uses renewable energy sources. Share this card with somebody who has a TV at home.

Why it's important

Renewable energy sources are much cleaner than fossil fuels and, in some cases, like solar and wind power, they are totally clean sources of energy.

When burnt, fossil fuels emit huge concentrations of CO2 into the atmosphere – the main cause of global warming – causing often irreversible damage to the environment, wildlife, and humans. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy comes from natural, unlimited sources, such as the sun, wind, and water, and can all be harnessed in a way that is almost completely harmless to the environment.

Photo by Clean Energy Credentials

Although renewable resources are initially expensive to install, renewable energy is generally cheap to use. Sources like solar and wind can produce energy “for free” for the duration of the panel or turbine’s life. Fossil fuels build up constant costs because they have to be found, extracted, and transported to power plants to be used. Renewable energy is the step we must take toward a happier, sustained planet.

Find an electricity supplier for households with the largest shares of energy produced from renewable energy sources in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Denmark.

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