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Switch off all electrical appliances and unplug your chargers when they are not being used. Share this challenge with somebody who uses two monitors at work.

Why it's important

Cutting energy use at home is a double win. There’s the fact that you’re reducing your carbon footprint, of course, but you’re also saving money on your energy bills.

There are many ways you may be wasting energy in your home without realising it – one of those is leaving devices on standby instead of switching them off completely. Although individual appliances consume a fraction of what they usually do when in standby mode, the more devices you possess, the greater the cumulative effect of their continuing consumption on your energy bills.

Photo by Pay Less Power

Electricity used by appliances when on ‘standby’ mode accounts for 5-10% of all electricity usage in a home. Turning off your appliances could save up to 5 MWh a year.

You did it. Now what?

Bask in the glory of good energy and then...