Prepare a meal

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Prepare a meal only out of seasonal, local and organic produce. Share it with somebody and give them this challenge.

Why it's important

Favoring food production for local consumption, over food production for export, and using indigenous agricultural biodiversity, over commercial monoculture varieties are also elements contained in the principle of “food sovereignty”, now generally accepted by the FAO.

Localization, diversification, and seasonality are important for improving human well being, health, and nutrition. A transition to local systems throughout the world will reduce food miles by shortening transport chains and reduce the “energy backpack” of food in terms of packaging, refrigeration, storage, and processing.

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Relocalization should be physical - production, distribution and consumption should be concentrated in a defined space. Farmers’ markets, on-farm selling, community supported agriculture, local menu restaurants, cooperatives are innovative organizational arrangements based on collective action, often on already established social networks.
Decentralised local food economies have the potential to make organised large-scale distribution irrelevant, along with the necessity of its transport network and relevant GHG emissions.

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You did it. Now what?

Bask in the glory of good energy and then...