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Invite your friends to access the Climalt e-learning  platform and discover the resources available there. Share this challenge with someone who wants to learn more about climate change and how to stop it.

Why it's important

Learning about climate change, its causes and consequences, alternatives and measures for mitigation, is the first step to making a difference in this global challenge.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

Aware citizens are more likely to change their habits towards more sustainable behaviour, to influence others positively and to take action for climate justice.
As Fridays For Future and many more initiatives around the global are demonstrating, youth actions towards climate are making the difference. All young climate campaigners around the world started by learning more and building their capacity.

Join the movement and take your first step learning more thanks to the Climalt platform!

You did it. Now what?

Bask in the glory of good energy and then...