How to play

Your mission is to become a Climate Hero.
Choose an objective and see how you can help 
combat climate change with simple actions that have a big impact.


1. Pick a card and complete the objective

2. Once you are done, post about it online with #climateherogame

3. Share the challenge with another person

4. Pick another card and repeat

How to get the game?

There are 3 ways to get the game:

  1. Use this website as your playing board. Choose your action here, read about it further and then use the "Challenge someone on Facebook" button to spread the word. If you want to share the challenge on a different platform, you can download the cards in png here.
  2. Download all the cards in png here to read through them and share them online.
  3. Download a print-at-home version here. You can print them on A4 with a standard office printer in colour or in black and white.
I am ready for my first mission